STEM Expo 5 Awards

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Category Place Participant Project Organization

Environmental / Agricultural
Innovation - All Grades

1st Mia and Hannah (Team)  Down the Drain: an Environmentally Friendly Storm Drain Filter Sierra Academy of Expeditionary Learning
2nd Ian Pierce Recycling Grey Water Rocklin Elementary School
3rd (tie) Archit​ Dash  Save Auburn Ravine Rocklin Elementary School
3rd (tie) Zachary Crawford  Aquaponic Farming Forest Lake Christian School

Invention - All Grades

1st Cambria Kingman The Horse's Legs Matter Too H. Clarke Powers Elementary School
2nd Victoria Mott Equine Teeth Cleansing Tray Harvest Ridge Placer Academy
3rd Thomas Melin Car Cooler Harvest Ridge Placer Academy
Reverse Engineering
4th to 6th Grades
1st Bryce Burnham Team Ticker Excelsior School
2nd Kaitlyn McDermott The Doorknob is Broken Excelsior School
3rd Emily Bline Taking apart a Blackberry Cell Phone Community Christian School
Reverse Engineering
7th to 12th Grades
1st Navya Compella & Sai Suresh Reverse Engineering a Coffee Maker Buljan Middle School
2nd Gaby Valero How a CD Player Reads a CD Harvest Ridge Placer Academy
3rd Aaron Mikkelson A One Cylinder Gas Motor Forest Lake Christian School
Robotics and
Computer Science
3rd to 6th Grades
1st RoboMasters (Team) World Class FLL
2nd LEGO Minds (Team) Library Book Sorter jr. FLL
3rd Win-A-LEGO (Team) The Assasinator Carlin C. Coppin Elementary
Robotics and
Computer Science

7th to 12th Grades

1st Anderson Walsh & Kendrick Moore Affordable Implementation of Powder Del Oro High School
2nd Madison Glenwinkle Activity Bot Bowman Charter School
3rd Vanessa Aquero Affect of Novice Engineering Western Sierra Collegiate
Rube Goldberg
3rd - 5th Grades
1st Duncan Currie Cracker of Egg Twelve Bridges Elementary
2nd Rubenators (Team) Drop the Weight Newcastle School
3rd Hershal Sabnis Untie the Shoelace Twelve Bridges
Rube Goldberg
6th-12th Grades
1st Morgan Wozniak & Kalea McCormick Jungle Fever Bowman Charter
2nd Jessica Jenkins & Jill Worthington J & J's Rube Goldberg Experiment Bowman Charter
3rd ACawesome (Team) Operation Kick-It Excelsior School
Science Fiction
3rd - 6th Grades
1st Mari Ziegler Monday Mayhem Rocklin Gateway Academy
2nd Julia Williams My Diary Harvest Ridge Placer Academy
3rd Mareesa Islam Visions Excelsior School
Science Fiction
7th - 12th Grades
1st Sydney Haupt Humanity E.V. Cain STEM Charter School
2nd Zachary Haupt Monolith Placer High School
3rd Blake Hammond Beyond Our Stars Forest Lake Christian
Scientific Inquiry
3rd - 6th Grades
1st Jackson Moore What is the relationship between Math, Music, and Emotion E.V. Cain STEM Charter School
2nd Emma Macon Success or Bomb E.V. Cain STEM Charter School
3rd Zach Follett See The Light E.V. Cain STEM Charter School
Scientific Inquiry
7th - 8th Grades
1st Hayden Kapanen Why Concorde Was Fast Harvest Ridge Placer Academy
2nd Zachary Burke Which Wire is Better? Harvest Ridge Placer Academy
3rd Grace Rodgers Non-Dominant vs. Dominant Harvest Ridge Placer Academy
Scientific Inquiry
9th - 12th Grades
1st Xinodian (Team) Shooting Ooblek Western Sierra Collegiate Academy
2nd Henry Low Assessing the carcinogenic effects of herbicides using
a novel reverse mutation assay
Western Sierra Collegiate Academy
3rd Kevin Chang The effects of chemicals in sea grass microbial communities
over time measured in a Wingradsky model
Western Sierra Collegiate Academy

Advancing to the California State Science Fair

Kevin Chang ackson Moore
Zack Follett Victoria Mott
Henry Low Xinodian (Team)