Resources for Educators

This page is just getting started, but we are putting resources to assist educators and teaching staff in getting students excited about STEM Expo and STEM projects in general.

In the links below you can find documents and information that, please feel free to look at and use any and all information found here!

Classroom Guides and Tools  
Classroom Rollout Strategies (Start here!) Google Doc here
Simplified Category Descriptions and Concepts PDF File here
Submission Examples Google Doc here
Project Planning Form Google Doc here
Category Discussion Guide Google Doc here
Project Proposal Form Google Doc here
Project Based Learning (PBL) Peer Critique Guides Website here
Resources folder (most of this and more) Google folder
Blogs and Articles  
Overcoming Science Stereotypes Quick! Draw a Scientist!
Change Demonstrations into Experiments Demonstration vs. Experiment
Explore Science through Games Science Games

Special thanks to the STEM Coordinators for Glenn County Office of Education and Placer County Office of Education for their support and contributions to the material on this page!
Also a special thank you to Kristie at the Lyndhurst STEM Club for finding those games!